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Check out the Hit List featuring Top 5 comedians in Punjabi Film Industry



Check out the Hit List featuring Top 5 comedians in Punjabi Film Industry

Here comes the list of Best 5 Comedians Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, Gurpreet Ghuggi, B.N. Sharma, Karamjit Anmol who made you mad and pumped you up from your seats while laughing.

Best Five Comedians of Punjabi Entertainment Industry till now

Recently, many laughter –riots hit the cinema screens with their hilarious Guffaws. Here comes the list of Top 5 Comedians who made you mad and pumped you up from your seats while laughing.

binnu-dhillonBinnu Dhillon: “Binnu Dhillon” has become a synonym to the word comedian.  Every Dialogue of Binnu gives a laughing punch in every movie.  His crispy comments in the whole movie “Carry on jatta”  for Kaala coat amused the audience till the end. In addition, the WOW laughs given by Binnu Dhillon in movie Tu mera 22 mai tera 22 made the movie a mega hit. Binnu Dhillon’s character “Taari” in singh vs Kaur was very much liked by the audience. Other movies- jatts in Golmaal, lucky di unlucky story, rangeelay and Oye hoye pyar ho gya, whatever the story was but in all these movies Binnu Dhillon Rocked. Binnu Dhillon’s fantastic acting leaves a funny remark in every movie. So he truly deserves No.1 Position.


jaswinder-bhallaJaswinder Bhalla: Presence of this personality in any movie is enough to make it full to funny. Jaswinder Bhalla has done laudable jobs in all the movies. In movie Jatt & Juliet2 he entertained the audience a lot with many laughter-riots. His role in other movies Daddy cool munde fool, jatts in golmal, naughty jatts and Best of Luck has piled many praises for him.


gurpreet-ghuggiGurpreet Ghuggi: The way he expresses dialogues in his typical pitch can make any person to laugh loudly. His every dialogue sounds like a joke. Audience liked him a lot in jatts in golmal. Enthralling performance of Ghuggi in Lucky Di Unlucky Story has added many tempting tangs in the story.


bn-sharmaB.N. Sharma: The WOW B.N Sharma appeased the audience many times with his laughing punches. His performance in movies naughty jatts and fer mamla gadbad gadbad has enticed the entire audience to clap for him, Unfortunately, his role in pooja kiven aa could not cumulate applauds for him, but we wish him all the best for his upcoming movies.


karamjit-anmolKaramjit Anmol: Versatile Karamjit Anmol knows all the knacks to make the audience laugh with his style and he fits in every role. His performance in carry on jatta, naughty jatts, tu mera 22 mai tera 22, singh vs kaur has created a benchmark for his personality. Karamjit will appear in the sequel of carry on jatta as well. WELL DONE Karamjit Anmol…


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