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Exclusive interview with the bad boy of Pollywood – Nitin Sharma


Exclusive interview with the bad boy of Pollywood – Nitin Sharma

interview-nitin-sharmaRecently you saw him as a police officer in Dilpreet Dhillon’s Fire Bolde song. Here is the conversation held between’s Jagpreet Singh and Nitin Sharma about his journey, future projects and more…

Hello, Nitin! Welcome to! Tell our audience bit about yourself.

Hello Everyone, I’m a young artist, born and raised in the Panchkula, Haryana. I’m an actor and a student of Theatre for Theatre (TFT). I have done roles in Singh Is Bling with Akshay Kumar, Patiala Peg with Diljit Dosanjh, HaanKargi with Ammy Virk, Fire Bolde with Dilpreet Dhillon. In Fire Bolde I played a negative character of a Police Officer and I hope you noticed and enjoyed my role in that song.

Tell us something about yourself as an actor where have you been started your career in Acting.

My father saw an actor in me. I used to play Ravana in Ramleela which I enjoyed very much. My father encouraged me to join Theatre for Theatre (TFT) under his colleague i.e. director Shri Sudesh Sharma Ji. With my father’s wish, I joined the TFT but not attended any class for a year. I was a very shy kind of guy and even not good in talking with others. I used to go daily at TFT but came back from the entry gate of TFT. One day my family came to know that I was not attending the classes, then my father took me with him and introduced with Shri Sudesh Sharma Ji and then I started my journey of theatre.

What is your experience in Theatre for Theatre (TFT)? How much it is important for an artist to do theatre.

What I am today is all because of Theatre for Theatre (TFT). It has been 4.5 years of doing theatre. Doing theatre is a very must for an artist. I should say that every artist must do theatre because theatre improves the acting skills and polishes the artist. I will never quit theatre my whole life.

Share your experience while acting in theatre or for a song/ serial/movie. What are the differences you feel? Which one of you like most?

Performing live in a theatre where you can’t take another shot for the scene and in front of a camera are both different experiences from each other. Many times I found myself in trouble to understand these differences, but my mentors always helped me. One will be popular among his/her local audience by doing theatre but by doing Song/Film/Serial one will be more popular as It reaches more audience through TV, Radio, Web, Magazine, Newspapers and other resources. I learnt very much from both platforms and I like both of them. I want to do Films/Songs/Serials in Pollywood and Bollywood industry while doing theatre side by side.

What is the Difference between Pollywood and Bollywood?

The Bollywood is too different from Pollywood while talking about budget, professionalism or anything. In Bollywood, a budget doesn’t matter but in Pollywood budget matters the most. In Bollywood, they don’t compromise with perfection but in Pollywood, all they do is adjustments while that is character, wardrobe, locations everything.

Do you feel that Punjabi Film industry lacks the Negative Faces like Gulshan Grover, Shakti Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Amrish Puri Bollywood had?

Yes, I feel that after so many Punjabi films, we still lack the negative face of the Pollywood industry. We can’t see any face which we can say that this is a true face of a negative character. I think story tellers should also need to give more importance to the negative roles.

Why you choose negative roles?

I don’t have a “Chocolate Boy” look and even not have that nature too. I never think about a positive role as I know how I look and what will be the expectations from me. I love to do negative roles and I want people will know and remember me for my negative roles.

Do you think we should make songs on Drugs or Arms?

We are in Entertainment Business. We make songs/movies for commercial purpose and if we make songs which will not entertain people then people will not be interested in watching or listening to us. Our films/songs are the mirror of our society. We don’t urge or inspire people to do those things but our society inspires our films and songs.

What changes do you think we need in Punjabi Film and Music Industry?

Punjabi industry needs more platforms to encourage and promote young talent. So much talent is available in Punjab but there are not enough platforms who can help them guide them.

Is your family supportive?

After I lost my father my mother is my only family and yes she is very much supportive. She always encourages me to do what I like to do. As I mentioned before that it’s my father’s dream that I will be an actor and I am just fulfilling my father’s dream.

Who else supported you?

My friends supported me so well that I can’t even think that it is possible to achieve anything that I have today without them. I feel proud and thankful to all my friends who always stood  with me.

Your Upcoming Projects?

Dushman with Kartar Cheema and Jashan Singh under the banner of Mahesh Bhatt and it’s Mahesh Bhatt’s first Punjabi Movie and another one is Pind Vajan Marda.

Your favorite Punjabi Song?
Patiala Peg

Your favorite Punjabi Actor/Artist?
Binnu Dhillon, Rana Ranbir and B.N Sharma

Your favorite Actress?
Neeru Bajwa

Your Favorite Director?

Navjit Buttar

Your favorite Film?
Carry On Jatta and Angrej

In the end, what is your message to our Punjabi audience?
I thank the Punjabi Audience who is giving me so much love and appreciation for my roles. I promise that I will entertain more with my acting in future projects. I hope you would love that too.

I also thank and wish good luck to for their future! wish you the best of luck in your future

Interview by Jagpreet Singh

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