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Jaswinder Bhalla



Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder Bhalla can make anybody laugh out loud with his garrulous pranks. Born on 4th May, 1960 in Doraha (Ludhiana) Punjab, Jaswinder Bhalla owns Ph.D in Agricultura Science from PAU.

Jaswinder Bhalla aka Chacha Chatur Singh aka Bhanna “Yaa..Yaa”

Punster Jaswinder Bhalla can make anybody laugh out loud with his garrulous pranks. Born on 4th May, 1960  in Doraha (Ludhiana) Punjab,  Jaswinder Bhalla owns Ph.D in Agricultura Science from PAU. He also serves as faculty at Punjab Agricultural Universiry (PAU). Jaswinder’s father’s name is Sr. Bahadur Singh Bhalla and mother’s name is Mrs. Satwant Kaur. He is married to Parminder Bhalla, they have a son Pukhraj Bhalla and a daughter Arshpreet Bhalla (Married). His sister Kuljit Bhalla is also married.

Jaswinder Bhalla is humorous since his childhood. He used to entertain his parents with his witty talks while drumming empty containers when he was a kid. God has endowed this personality with many gifts; he writes songs as well and has interest in singing too. During his college days, Jaswinder used to sing folk songs. His father also had interest in acting, singing and poetry and he always supported jaswinder bhalla for his passion. This comedian is not only a great performer but also he has been a sincere student and has always got appreciation from his father and teachers.

After learning skills from his Guru Keshav Ram Sharma, Jaswinder came into limelight with his first comedy series of Chankata 88 (1988) in association with Bal Mukand Sharma and he gives all credit for his first album to Jagdev Singh Jassowal who supported them a lot.

In PAU Bal Mukand Sharma and Bhalla were in same class and chhankata was started from college level.
Ensemble of these two comedians was noticed by Doordarshan Kendra when they performed at the cultural festival (Pro. Mohan Singh Mela). Till the date jaswinder Bhalla has released over 27 audio and video albums of chhankata and his every album has different savors to relish the audience.

Jaswinder Bhalla entered into the acting field with his movie “Dhulla Bhatti”. Bhalla saab has also performed Bhand to entertain the audience and with God’s grace his every character was liked by his fans. His character as Bhanna got very famous with his tagline “yaa.. yaa”. He also introduced the character of Attro & Chattro in his chhankata series which was warmly appreciated by the audience.

This pompous personality has very sincere nature and loves to stay at home in his free time. He has worked in various movies; Munde UK de, daddy cool Mundey fool, jatta and Juliet (prequel and sequel both), carry on jatta, lucky Di unlucky story, mahaul theek hai and many more. Jaswinder Bhalla has always been a center of attraction of any movie or show for his fun didoes. Bhalla saab truly deserves applauses for his graceful as well typically entertaining performances.

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