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Miss Pooja

Pooja Kiven aa…. It has become the tagline for this very talented Punjabi female vocalist. Gurinder Kaur Kainth aka Miss Pooja born on 4th Dec 1979 is the most popular female face in Punjabi Music Industry. Gurinder embossed her nick name “Pooja” as her Professional name and especially known for Bhangra classics. Pooja holds a Masters Degree in Music and before entering the music industry she adopted Teaching as her profession. Pooja was a music Teacher in Patel Public School located in Rajpura (Punjab). Pooja is blessed to Mr. Inderpal Kainth and Mrs Saroj Devi. She has a sister Mandeep Kaur Kainth and a brother Manpreet Kainth.

Miss Pooja amazed the entire music industry with her enthralling voice quality and her lucky stars made her the most demanding singer in very short time. A time came, when presence of Pooja became prominent in every song, she was continuously releasing number of songs, one after another. Pooja has released many duet songs with more than 70 male singers. She has given more than 500 tempting numbers to Punjabi music gallery and has more than 100 albums as a duet.

Also, her singing passion took her to the overseas stage and she became a notable personality all over the world. Pooja said, she started her music journey since she was 5 years of age and her father always supported her to make her dream come true. In January 2006, director Lal-Kamal gave her a platform and she recorded her first album “Jaan to Pyaari” with singer Darshan Khela.

First song recorded by Pooja was ‘Bhann Churiyan Pyar Tera Vekhdi’ and her voice was noticed as well as liked by many people. Then she recorded another track for album Pind Da Shingar with Shinda Shonki ‘Pani Hoge Dhunge Johna Launa Chad Dehna’… these numbers fully entertained the audience.

Pooja’s album with Preet Brar Ik Tere Karke made her most popular in Punjabi music industry as well in foreign countries. The most smashing numbers of pooja “Seeti marke” with Geeta Zaildar and Petrol with Preet Brar were hummed by every Punjabi music lover.

In addition, Pooja has given many religious vocals to delight the aged audience. She has also worked in Punjabi movies- best of luck, pooja kive aa and channa sachi muchi. She has sung for Bollywood movie cocktail as well (second hand jawani).

Miss Pooja has a great fan following throughout the world. She has already toured UK, Australia, Canada and USA. Pooja has proven the fact that still its women world, just a little determination is needed to reach success and survive freely in this male dominated society.



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