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Punjabi Folk Dance “Heritage of Punjab”



Punjabi Folk Dance “Heritage of Punjab”


Walk in to any modern day club and you won’t stop tapping to some of the grooviest Punjabi numbers. These songs are intentionally written and sung with heart for the people who love to dance with their heart and soul. Despite the modernity of most of these songs, there is a clear hint which takes you to the root end of Punjabi folk dance songs and culture.

If one notices carefully, most contemporary Punjabi dance numbers have a very folk touch to them. The older Punjabi folk dance is getting much popular these days. In youth fests and other cultural programs Punjabi folk dance is the main element to entertain the masses. Some of the folk dance exhibit day to day happenings of rural life in Punjab. In such dances situations are portrayed in to form of  Boliyaan and other lok geets. It beautifully encompasses different occasions such as birth, marriage, harvest etc. Some songs also have great character that enunciates a sense of feeling between different members of the family. These songs clearly reflect the culture, tradition and spirit of the entire region.

On the contrary the modern Punjabi music mostly deals with the flamboyant lifestyles of modern Punjabis of today. By all means, Punjabis know how to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. Anybody living in the company of a heartthrob Punjabi group cannot stop themselves to tap their feet on pompous Punjabi numbers.

We all know that as times changes so do the trend; but certain things last forever. Punjabi folk dance is one of those relics. Even today Punjabi folk dance and Punjabi folk songs have their own place in the hearts of people which cannot be compared.

Thanks to the technological revolution and increased communication due to which Punjabi culture, music and dance is spreading like wildfire in not just India, but also internationally. Bhangara song and dance is being embraced gladly in the mainstream clubs and performances. It is an art form which has also become popular with time.

Apart from the music, several of Punjabi wedding customs are also copied by several traditions and communities. Some say it’s the large hearted Punjabi people which are responsible for this popularity; I say it’s the long lasting Punjabi folk dance song culture that has enabled most of these traditions to thrive outside the boundaries of Punjab.

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