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Punjabi Wedding Songs and Lyrics

Punjabi Wedding Songs and Lyrics

Punjabi Wedding Songs

Punjabi Wedding Songs and Lyrics

Punjabi Wedding Songs and Lyrics

Weddings of Punjab are quite famous for their heartwarming rituals. All the near and dears of Bride and Groom showers blessings on them by dancing and singing. The rip-roaring beats of Punjabi wedding songs fills the minds with excitement and happiness make everyone dancing…

A majority of the Punjabi lok git is devoted to the themes of weddings and marriages. Melodious beats, high tempo and entertaining lyrics are featured in this vibrant theme. Such songs are sung with high spirits and fervor, mainly by groups of elderly and married women. They sit together singing Lambe gaunh about the rituals and the different stages involved in a wedding.

Suhag is a nuptial song sung by the women from the bride’s party. It addresses the intense feelings experienced by the bride on her wedding day. Anxiety about leaving her paternal home behind and embracing a new life; her hopes, desires and fears; fulfilling expectations and making adjustments in the new family; wishes and blessings of a safe and happy environment for the bride are sung about in Suhag lok git.

Punjabi lok git ghorian is the male counterpart of suhag. The female group on the bridegroom’s side sings songs that are centered around the various grooming activities the bridegroom goes through on his wedding day. The morning’s ceremonial bath, the extravagant dress, mounting the horse and arriving at the venue with the marriage party are sung about in light hearted verses.

Punjabi tappe have their own taste on different occasions. The tunes of tapa (small couplets depicting intense emotions), boliyan (combination of various tape)-accompanies the female circle dance form ‘giddah’ and lambe gaunh(long songs)- usually sung in weddings are rife in the lok git of the state. Other popular tunes include Mahiya, Jugni, Jindua, Dhola, Kafian, Dohre, etc. These diverse tunes have a distinct style, context and function. Different tunes are sung on different occasions.

List Of Punjabi Tappe….

Songs of jesting or Sithniyan are highly amusing. The women from both set of families subtly tease and taunt the other party. This creates a playful environment all over.

List Of Sithniyan…..

Chhand parage is sung by the bride’s sisters and friends when they corner the groom, demanding money and gifts. This helps in establishing an affectionate relationship between the groom and his sisters-in-law.

List Of Chhand….

Wedding songs are chiefly verbal and are paired with traditional musical instruments like dholkas, clapping hands, clanging bangles and bells, to create a musical effect.

List Of Punjabi Wedding Songs…..

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